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Over the last 14 years, she has trained under the most elite colorists, in addition to being certified in Extensions.  She knows not everyone was born with good hair, but believes everyone deserves it.


Her color approach is in-depth and allows you to get what would take most stylists multiple sessions in one day.  With a soft grow out, you can go months between appointments. 


Krista’s mission has always been to change the industry standard. To create an experience that is both luxury, and chill. In a unique environment. 

That’s why she teamed up with fellow Master Stylist Carly Gurinskas to create BLEACH.


Krista specializes Extensions, Major Color Transformations and Blonding.  Due to her consistent results and passion for making women feel confident through color and extensions. She has quickly become one of the most sought after stylists in the greater reno area. 


Krista is known for hair that makes a statement from the day you leave the salon, to six months later. When you walk into the room everyone's gonna be asking you where you got your hair done.


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Carly is the epitome of effortless luxury. 


She knows self care makes us see ourselves in a different light. Hair allows her to positively impact others through her art. 


Whether you’re looking for a drastic change or wanting to  embrace what what you were born with.  Carly has mastered an expansive range of skills from barely there color to complete transformations. 


She is one of the most vastly trained stylists in extensions in the greater Reno area as well.  Her attention to detail and ability to listen to what people are saying without saying it, while solving their hair problems has led her to where she is today.

She's known for hair that reflects who you are no matter where you are in life. So get ready to be noticed for being you.


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Sydney has trained under some of the most elite stylists.  She is vastly skilled. Specializing  in blended, dimensional colors and Extensions.


Her attention to detail and ability to listen to her guests are what allow her to create a high end experience from the moment her guests walk through the door, to when they style their hair at home. Sydney knows luxury is a lifestyle. She loves educating her clients on how to best  care for their hair between appointments. 


She's known for hair that looks expensive for months to come.



Britt has an expansive background in education. She specializes in Blondes and color that lives on with her clients for months to come.  

She assisted Krista, and has continued to raise her education with some of the most elite stylists in the industry. Becoming certified in extensions as well, she created a name for herself at the beginning of her career. 

Britt is full of energy and versatile in her everyday life.  She enjoys creating hair that looks good up or down, waved, or straight. From hiking to date night, you don't do the same thing every day. So you need hair that's as versatile as you are. 

From her Color to Extensions, Britt is known for hair that you feel comfortable in.


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Kaity’s specialty is formulating a color unique to her clients. From brunettes to reds, lived in color, to blondes, even fashion colors. Her niche is to curate the perfect color for YOU.

She continues to learn from the industry top educators year after year. She knows hair is an ever changing expression of yourself.  Her consistency in staying on trend while executing beautiful color and bringing amazing energy to each appointment is what makes people fall in love with her.

She's known for luxury color and Extensions with a laidback vibe.

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With her honest approach to realistic color expectations she can make anyone feel comfortable.  Dana loves creating dimension in hair whether it be blonde or brunette.  Creating the right tone to compliment her guests skin is always a top priority. 

She is consistently educating and evolving year after year.  Dana is known for Extensions and long healthy hair with color color that lasts for months at a time.


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