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If you no-show or cancel your appointment the same day as your scheduled service, you will be charged 50% of the booked service cost before you can reschedule your appointment. If the fee is not paid you will not be able to schedule with any stylist until the fee is paid.


Product returns will be accepted up to 7 days of purchase, with a 20% restocking fee assessed to the refund or exchange. 


I have been given the Color History Questionnaire and have read and answered the questions thoroughly. I have discussed any further questions that I may have with my stylist

I am aware and acknowledge that there is a rare possibility of an allergic reaction or chemical reaction with my hair. I have discussed with my stylist any such reactions and understand them.

If I have had previous box dye, at home color, or any color applied outside of a salon in the last 5 years. I understand the risks of damage and unpredictable results and do not hold my stylist or BLEACH LLC accountable for anything that may happen to my hair.

I have had a consultation and am aware that although my stylist will do her absolute best, there is no predictable outcome of color. There is no GUARANTEE that my desired result will be achieved in one session.

Any apparent previous heat or chemical damage caused prior to my appointment has been brought to my attention and discussed with my stylist.

There is no refund on color services if desired end result is not achieved.

My stylist has educated me on professional hair products and I understand the overall health and color longevity of my hair relies on them.


I acknowledge that using lightener, color, or any chemicals on my hair does physically change the state of my hair. In turn, CAN but will not always, cause a change in texture and luster.

I acknowledge that I have disclosed all previous color history to my stylist to the best of my knowledge.
I hereby agree to have the treatment performed and agree to follow all pre and post-treatment instructions.

I acknowledge that I have answered all questions truthfully and completely.

I release BLEACH LLC, stylists, management and staff from any and all liability associated with any injuries and/or current or future conditions resulting from the hair procedures or products.

I consent to the use of my before, during and after hair appointment photographs for education, promotion or advertising purposes.

By signing my client questionnaire form, I certify that I have read and fully understood the contents of this consent form and that the information I provided above is complete, accurate, and up-to-date to my knowledge.

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